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SkyNano Solutions to Meet Your Needs

SkyNano's technology offers solutions to anyone wanting to eliminate their carbon emissions, anyone wanting to improve the performance of their materials or devices, and anyone wanting to implement carbon-negative components in their products.  In essence, SkyNano is for everyone, because we believe solving the climate crisis is a team sport.  Reach out fo collaborations!


SkyNano Solutions for Carbon Emissions

Many leading industrial companies have made public commitments to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or even earlier. SkyNano’s technology helps companies meet those commitments by taking in their CO2 and offering permanent storage through the transformation to a solid carbon material that is then used in energy-saving applications.  SkyNano's technology is compatible with any CO2-containing emissions, from power plant flue gas to industrial emissions to direct air capture.  If you’re a company committed to lowering your carbon emissions, reach out to discuss off-take partnerships.


SkyNano Solutions for Batteries

SkyNano's core product offering is multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), which offer many advantages over state-of-the-art carbon additive materials currently used in Li-ion batteries. MWCNTs are known to improve rate capability and increase energy density, in addition to improving the performance of high volume-expansion high capacity materials such as Silicon anodes.

In collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory's battery manufacturing facility, SkyNano has demonstrated a 60% performance improvement at high rates of charge 2-3C with just a 10% replacement of currently-used carbon black with our MWCNTs as a conductive additive in state-of-the-art NMC cathodes.

SkyNano currently supplies our MWCNT materials to a variety of domestic and international battery manufacturing companies for evaluation.  Contact us if you'd like to evaluate our materials for your battery needs!

SkyNano Solutions for Automotive

The landscape of automotive is changing quickly.  Vehicles are becoming smarter, more electrified, and more autonomous every day.  SkyNano solutions are here to help with this transition, including advanced materials for lighting composites, MWCNTs that can improve the performance of tires and other elastomeric parts, and CO2-derived carbon materials that can be used to sustainably dye plastic and other components black.


SkyNano Solutions for Composites

Operational improvements to emissions related to buildings has made significant progress towards our societal emissions footprint, including better and smarter lighting, insulation, windows, etc.  The next frontier for sustainable buildings will come from materials themselves exhibiting lower embodied emissions, that helps lower the initial emissions burden of a building.  As our global population continues to increase, this is a significant opportunity for impact.  At SkyNano, we're evaluating our CO2-derived MWCNTs in composites for use in structural applications, such as building materials.

SkyNano Solutions for the Conscious Consumer

Whereas many of the applications SkyNano's materials go into are less visible to the everyday consumer (we wouldn't encourage anyone to open up a battery and poke around for CO2-derived carbon additives), SkyNano is currently working with brands to prototype products made with CO2-derived carbon materials in plastic composites.

To discuss collaborative opportunities in this area, please reach out with a description of the product you have in mind, and your goals for an offering to consumers!


SkyNano Solutions for Space

SkyNano's core technology takes in CO2 and electricity, two resources widely available in space  (especially in martian atmosphere), and produces O2 and carbon materials, two extremely valuable resources to space habitats.  SkyNano's technology presents a route towards producing breathable oxygen for sustaining life in space, and produces carbon nanomaterials that can be used in in-space manufacturing, particularly in retooling components using additive manufacturing.  SkyNano is currently working with scientists at NASA Glenn Research Center to evaluate our materials for space applications.

If you have an idea for a space-related collaboration with our team, please reach out!

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